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We lost one yesterday. I wasn't privilaged to know the man, but the impact his loss is having on our community here is significant. It was an accident; it could have happened here. Still, my coworkers and others who knew him are grieving, and my heart hurts with them.

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Overheard while Potato Head is being played in the living room:

"No, don't take my pirate eyes out of my bottom!"

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M is doing very well in his scholastic efforts.

A is doing very well being 4 and might make it to 5. Registered for Pre K

D finally as 2 teeth (Top, front) and my GOD I think childbirth was harder....

Tonight we had a special dinner. Pseudo-mid-East-style. Brass tray-tables, seating on the floor. 

We had :
Weight Watchers Turkish meatballs with cucumber-yogurt dipping sauce
Dried apricots, figs, and dates
Mixed nuts
Warm olives
Pomegranate juice & club soda

A decided it was a party, and bless him he DID try just a taste of everything on the table, then politely ("I don't care for that...") declined more as needed.

D ate everything, pretty much. Some more than others.

For dessert we had fresh strawberries, honey, yougurt, and a dusting of pistachio crumbs on top.

Everyone got full, and then we all cleaned up. D. helped by staying in his highchair, but A pitched in taking dishes to the kitchen. Briefly. I think he's coming down with a cold; sniffles, a light cough. He's probably also playing it for all or more than it's worth. Still, he did try.

It was a very nice weekend.

For the Seidl Report, I'm me.
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It's out! I have one to send. I have sent it. If you didn't get one, let me know and I will send to you.
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I need a motivational poster type of graphic, more along the lines of a DEmotivational poster, on the themes of 'your permanent record'; looking for something that describes, in humor terms, the quest to document performance and determine the best performers in a setting. Any thoughts?
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"CSA: The Confederate States of America" - what if the South had won the War?

Documentary style work, complete with AU commercial breaks. Seriously, check it out. I caught it on IFC. I cannot recommend this movie strongly enough for some real eye-opening thoughts.

Example? The Empire of the Confederate States of America.

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We've moved. Give me a note if you want the new address.
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D is now actively trying his skills at communication. Here's how I know:

Late last week, I'm trying to feed him. Now, this only works when everyone involved is onboard with the idea. So I'm trying to get D to turn his head and nurse, and he's just not opening his mouth and settling down to business. He's looking up at me, so I figure 'Ok, he's looking for some attention and contact. I can do that. Maybe he'll eat after that.' and I give up directing him and look down at him to make that contact.

He looks at me, directly, and starts making a nursing mouth; tonuge out slightly, just the tip, and curled a bit like a straw or half-pipe. He makes little sucking sounds. Then he reaches up, carefully and slowly, and puts the palm of his hand on my mouth. He holds it there, watching me with his blue eyes, and showing me this nursing face.

So I look down at him, and carefully, slowly, kiss his palm where he's holding it to me, sucking slightly and pursing my lips up and then relaxing down so he can feel it.

And he does. And he gives me a gentle, pleased smile while his eyes light up. Then he drops his hand, turns to me, and starts nursing.

I'm probably making more of this than it is, but it REALLY seemed like he was signaling "Hey, we're going to do this thing, with the nursing. You know that thing? Yeah, that's what we're going to do."

Note, he did this on his own, his own instigation and initative. And he didn't want to fill his tummy till the message (if that's what it was) got across. AND... he's done it since then, again on his own volition.

So very cool. For the Seidl Report, I'm me.

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"If you have come to help me, then you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."

"Tradition is not a form to be imitated, but the discipline that gives integrity to the new."

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Alex phrases "(It/he/that/she) is my favorite in my heart." and "the clouds are sleeping in the trees" (fog)

Things I never thought I'd hear myself say: "Son, it's never ok to lick a turtle."

Life is very crazy here. Pray for us. Lots going on with moving and vacation coming up. We leave at the end of the month and it's a push to do everyone and everything before then.

Look at it this way... at least I can get it together for an end-of-year newsletter. I promise to fill people in by that time. All is well.

For the Seidl Report, I'm busy.

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